Simple Workout at Home With A Dynamic Balance Board

Balance boards are versatile workout equipments that will change your at home work out routine. They are small and compact and have a lot of features that will enhance your athleticism. Whether you want to improve balance or add a little challenge for your squats and planks, it will do the job for you. In addition it is also a great way for children to develop motor skills.

NALANDA Wobble Balance Board Review

Nalanda wobble balance board is an excellent choice if you would like to get a balance board. It is not only heavy duty, meaning it can hold up to 300kg(660lb), it is also covered in a very pleasant PE&TPE material that will massage your feet while in use. It is non toxic and so it is safe for children and babies to use.

The wobble board is great for strengthening the core muscles, which is a great addition to your work out routine. The core strength training would decrease the possibility for an injury, as you are constantly trying to balance thus improving your agility. It is also great for children to develop their coordination skills. The wobble board is a great equipment for it since it is not dangerous. It is only 3.75 inches off the ground and tilts at a 24.5 degree angle at most.

Nalanda wobble balance board 1

It is also a very compact workout equipment that can be used both indoors and outdoors. It only weighs 3.7 lbs which would be easy to carry around, whether you at home, outside on in the gym. Nalanda wobble balance board also has two handles on the side, which increases its functionality. With the two handles you would be able to perform more exercises such as pushups and blanks. The handles also makes it easy to carry it around.

Overall the Nalanda wobble balance board is a small, compact, workout equipment that is great for enhancing your workout routine and improving balance and core muscles for both children and adults alike. It is simple to use and not dangerous for children. And it’s PE&TPE cover is pleasant unlike many other boards on the market.

Nalanda wobble balance board 2