Best Selling Simple Sleeve for Your MacBook

Finding a suitable case, bag or a sleeve for your MacBook can be quite challenging because there are plenty of bags on sale designed by many famous brands. To make a right choice, you have to take every detail into account, so you wouldn’t regret buying the product in the future. Now we’re going to tell you about one of such choices that you definitely won’t regret spending your money on – MP1100 and MP1300 sleeves from Inateck.

Inateck is known to have been making great accessories for Apple devices and it doesn’t disappoint this time. Both sleeves are pretty much the same, except the first is for the 11-inch MacBook and the second is for the 13-inch one. As for the rest, the sleeves are very similar. First of all, both sleeves have a very stylish and even business-like look. They are made of high-quality felt and on the inside lined with soft flannel. All materials are environmentally friendly.

Behind that look there’s even better protection features. The lining on the inside is mold-proof and water-resistant, while the felt on the outside is shock-absorbent. Along with a Velcro snap closure made of natural leather, all these feature the best protection for your MacBook. MP1100 and MP1300 aren’t just sleeves. They both have two compartments: one for a MacBook and the other for magazines or tablets. Two back pockets were designed for smaller devices, like a smartphone or headphones. So, the Inateck MP1100 and MP1300 sleeves would be a perfect choice for everybody. They are very fashionable, practical and they both guarantee safety and security for our precious devices.

Simple Sleeve for MacBook