New Siempo 4G Smartphone Brings You Back to Reality

Modern smartphones are quite good at being our everyday companions. Thanks to them, we can stay in touch with the world wherever we are. However, with such popularity of smartphones, it seems like it’s getting harder to live off-line. Daily non-stop conversations on the phone and unlimited access to the information on the Internet don’t let us live in the moment. What if you want to reduce the time that you spend with a smartphone? This is a serious problem and there is now a device that can solve it.

Siempo introduced a smartphone with an interesting name – “the phone for humans”. Basically, it is the same Android device with standard features. But this is the smartphone that can bring you back to reality. You can actually “forbid” yourself to use this smartphone – there is a special button for that. By pressing it, you can be sure that the smartphone won’t bother you or distract from important activities.

Obviously, all these settings can be adjusted according to your preferences. For example, you can choose some people from your contact list whose calls will be blocked or you can select the time when Siempo turns off and you can focus on your work without distractions.

Another interesting thing is that the phone looks really unattractive, so you wouldn’t take it out without a reason. As for the specs, this is a quite ordinary device. It has 4-inch display, a quad-core processor and 8 Gb of internal memory. Apart from that, it supports fast charging and equipped with Bluetooth, GPS, NFC and 4G support.

So, if you really want to fight your habit on constant texting or web browsing, Siempo smartphone might be the solution for you. You’re guaranteed to have more time on other things while still having access to the functionality of a regular smartphone. Everyone interested can support the product on Kickstarter.