Shoulder Bag for Laptop Best Convertible Backpack

In order to carry their laptops, many people buy special backpacks – they are comfortable, spacious, and they equally distribute weight between your shoulders. But what if you want something more business-like while maintaining a certain level of comfort? Actually, you can get a universal backpack that would appeal to all people. And we chose one of the best models – Shoulder Bag for Laptop Coolbell Convertible Backpack.

Yes, this isn’t a mistake – it’s a convertible backpack, which means that it’s a backpack and a messenger bag at the same time. On the back side, it has two shoulder straps. However, if your back shoulders get too tired, the straps can be hidden into the zippered pocket. After that, you turn the backpack onto its side and it transforms into a messenger bag or a briefcase. Then, if necessary, you can attach another shoulder strap or simply carry it with a handle. As a result, you get a practical accessory with many purposes.

Shoulder Bag for Laptop Best Convertible Backpack

Handbag Coolbell Convertible Backpack
17.3 Inch Shoulder Bag for Laptop

Plus, the Coolbell backpack looks amazing. It will suit any kind of activity whether you’re a tourist, as student or a businessman. The main material used in making the bag is Oxford nylon, the lining is made of polyester and there are few leather elements which give the bag a touch of luxury. Also, the nylon gives the bag protection against moisture ensuring the safety of your personal items.

Convertible Shoulder Bag for Laptop

Most importantly, the Coolbell convertible backpack has more than enough space to organize your belongings. Once you open two main zippers, you’ll see a lot of room. On one side, there are two compartments: one for a laptop (up to 17 inches) and the other for accessories. On the other side, there are more pockets: two phone slots, a couple of pen holders and one more compartment for clothes, books or some other stuff. The front side is also occupied by various pockets – 6 of them in total. All of them would be good for smaller items, like a wallet, hygiene products, accessories, etc. All pockets are “guarded” by durable zippers.

All in all, the Coolbell convertible backpack is a fantastic choice. Of course, it’s called a laptop backpack but it’s so much more than that. With all its features, it might be one of the most functional laptop backpacks/bags on the market.

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