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Xiaomi SOOCAS X5 Wireless Charging Smart Toothbrush

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Smart timer of the brush sets 2 minute brushing time contained from 30 second intervals. The cobalt blue and pink color choices make sure that both women and men can buy it and enjoy its easy and healthy use. So hurry up to take care of your teeth in the cheapest way and buy the SOOCAS X5 Electric Toothbrush online here!



Xiaomi youpin offers you the effective and safe tooth-care product – Xiaomi SOOCAS X5 Wireless USB Charging Smart Toothbrush. With its soft and sensitive design SOOCAS X5 Whitening Electric Toothbrush whitens and cleans your teeth in the short time period. In less than 16 hours wireless charging time it gains energy for at least 30 day’s use. Brush is waterproof so you don’t need to worry to keep it in the bathroom. As you must change your brush from certain time period it comes with 3 brush heads, so you can replace it when the red light reminds you to do it.