XIAOMI Rechargeable Handheld Car Home Wireless Vacuum Cleaner

The vacuum cleaner collects any coin, hair, paper or dust immediately thanks to its strong suction function. The product’s noise is less than 65dB. Get the Xiaomi handheld vacuum cleaner now and enjoy the clean environments!

With XIAOMI portable car home wireless handheld vacuum cleaner that has strong suction and fast charging functions cleaning your house/car won’t be the horrible event anymore! It’s not heavy and big-sized and can be put in storage box or pocket of your car and anyway, it won’t take much space. You don’t need any wire or cables to use the vacuum cleaner anymore with this product. It can be fully charged by 1.5 hour and can work straight for 13 minutes giving you a comfortable feeling. Portable cleaner has LED light on it that solves the problem of cleaning of dark corners and complicated places.