ORICO CBS7 Multifunctional Desktop Cable Organizer Silicone Wire Holder

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ORICO Cable Organizer Silicone USB Cable Winder Desktop Flexible Tidy Management Clips Cable Holder Protector for Mouse Earphone.

ORICO CBS7 Desktop Cable Organizer Silicone Wire Holder Clip

Say no to the messy desktopMultiple data cables are tangling and twisting on your desktop, it is hard for you to tidy up neatly and identify accurately which one is connected to ...

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ORICO CBS5 - 5 Desktop Cable Organizer Wire Wrapper with 5 Positions 5pcs

This wire organizer makes your life easy and comfortable, and it can be used for a variety of places, such as study room, living room and bedroom, etc.

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ORICO 5PCS Desktop Cable Organizer Silicone Cord Holder Clip

Traceless and powerful double-sided adhesiveWith the great adhesion and viscosity, suitable for all kinds of environments, leave no trace

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