Xiaomi mijia Ninebot Balance Scooter Kart Conversion Kit

With conversion kit’s easy use, move forward and backward, by double clicking the pedal to switch reverse/forward mode.

Last price update: 2019-09-16 19:13:15

Meet powerful Xiaomi Ninebot Balance Scooter Kart Conversion Kit! You can feel the power output of the product when you step on it! Steering ratio gives the machine strong performance ability as its design is based on the steering wheel design of the Formula One. You can adjust the height of the steering wheel and make it comfortable.

The body of the car is retractable. The gadget can be adapted to the people 130-190 cm in height and it can carry up to 100 kg load. With double collision protection safety performance is increased. In emergency case or electronic brake failure you can achieve emergency braking with hand brake. Inflatable hollow tire has a perfect grip. The Balance Scooter Kart Conversion Kit has three driving modes: normal, novice and sport mode. Hurry up to enjoy the cheap prices and worldwide shipping!

Brand Ninebot
Product weight 27.8000 kg
Package weight 37.0000 kg
Package Content 1 x Kart Conversion Kit