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Mega-automatic Coffee Machine Fully Customizable Cecotec Power Matic-ccino 8000 Automatic Coffee Maker

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Mega-automatic coffee machine with Plug & Play system that prepares all types of coffees automatically with the press of a button. Make a cappuccino with all its aroma by pressing a single button.


AllCapuccino system that prepares lattes and cappuccinos by automatically adding both coffee and milk or foam in the exact amount directly to the cup. It adapts to all tastes thanks to the Custom4You system with fully customizable settings for intensity and aroma, temperature, volume, foaming time of milk and water hardness. The highest quality coffee at the best price: you don’t need capsules thanks to its 250g deposit for coffee beans with a lid that preserves the aroma and the conical grinder with 5 selectable levels. It includes a 400 ml capacity Full Latte milk tank as an accessory that connects to the coffee maker and can also be stored in the fridge.

Cecotec Power Matic-ccino 8000 automatic coffee machine

Fully customizable coffee. ForceAroma 19 bar pressure technology.

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