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LEMFO T91 Wireless Smart Watch Bluetooth Call HR Monitor Sports Bluetooth Earphone 1.4 Inch Smartwatch

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LEMFO T91 TWS Wireless Headset Smart 1.4 Inch Bluetooth Phone Call Heart Rate Monitor Sports Smartwatch Notification information: Gmail, CNN application, ZAKER, Line, facebook, instagram, facebook message, QQ, V message, WeChat.

LEMFO T91 1.4 Inch Sports Bluetooth Earphone Smartwatch features: Metal craft, two-tone bracelet and optional metal bracelet; 24-hour accurate heart rate detection, Blood pressure monitoring, blood oxygen monitoring, exercise monitoring, mileage, calorie consumption, Message reminder, go to bed, Remote control camera; TWS headset; Full ear wear, perfect sound quality, handle design, painless and comfortable; Zhongke’s stable Lanxun 5376A BRC dual transmission regardless of master and slave; Built-in 5.0 dual Bluetooth, 6D HIFI sound quality, cool breathing light, touch sensor, AI voice SIRI alarm clock; Put the headset in the storage room and use it at any time. Put the headset in the storage room for easy storage. The earphones can be charged via the bracelet.