JMGO S1 Pro Laser TV Projector 3D Home Theatre Gold Color

Last price update: 2019-09-12 16:19:28

JMGO S1 Pro Laser TV Projector will satisfy you with its gold colored compact design as well as its performance! Resolution of 1920×1080 that supports 4k provides you with unbelievable watching experience. Enjoy the high contras and brightness of the colors! The lens of the projector is high light transmission coating and have protection cap. The JMGO S1 Pro Laser TV Projector is equipped with 3D technology that allows you to watch movies and play games in more realistic environment. Focusing mode of the product is manual. High quality HiFi audio will comfort your ears with wonderful sounds. It has 2GB RAM and 16GB built0in storage. 64-bit quad-core processor allows the projector to have durable life. Note that the system language of the product is Chinese. Get the Ultra Short Focus premium Projector through online shopping!


colourGold brushed
Display chip0.65″DMD+RGBLED
lumen4000 lumens
Support 4K
4K, 2K
Color gamut≥120% NTSC
Brightness mean>99%
LensHigh light transmission coating +
protection cap
3D technologyActive shutter 3D
Projection ratio0.25:1
Focusing modeManual
Keystone correction±40 degrees vertical
soundHigh quality HiFi audio
Projection sizeUp to 300 inches
CPUMStar 64-bit quad-core processor
GPU6-core MaLi450-MP4
Built-in storage16 GB
System LanguageChinese