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Multifunctional Auto and Manual Modes Robot Vacuum Cleaner ILIFE V7s Plus Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner

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ILIFE V7s Plus Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner. To schedule a cleaning in automatic mode, on the remote control, you need to set the current time and the start time for cleaning, controlling by the sound signals.



The body of the iLife V7s Plus Smart Robot Vacuum Cleaner is made of plastic – black (bottom) and white (top) with a matte surface. On the top panel closer to the front there is a single touch button with the highlighted word Clean. Depending on the current status, this indicator lights or flashes green, orange or red.

The vacuum cleaner has an almost perfectly round shape. The edges below are beveled, which helps the robot overcome obstacles, and some angularity from above reduces the likelihood that the vacuum cleaner will get stuck under obstacles with a small clearance.

Specification: Multifunctional Auto and Manual Modes Robot Vacuum Cleaner ILIFE V7s Plus Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner


The axles of the driving wheels are located on the same diameter of the circumference of the body, this allows the robot to make a turn in place without changing the boundaries of the area occupied by it. A bumper shift triggers mechanical obstacle sensors. To protect the furniture from the front, a strip of medium hardness rubber is glued to the bumper in its lower part.

By clicking on the icon with the inscription PUSH, you can open the lid of the dust compartment. The dust bag itself is pulled out by the folding handle. The shaft of the main brush is smooth and relatively large in diameter – this facilitates the release of the shaft simply with your fingers without tools from threads, hair, etc.

When cleaning, the front side brush picks up the garbage to the center, then particles of garbage are thrown into the dust collector with the main brush, and the air stream helps to suck the lightest garbage into the dust collector. Large particles of debris are trapped in the first strainer, and the smallest particles remain on the second denser filter.

A set of a special nozzle, fabric and a liquid tank allows wet cleaning of smooth floors. To do this, a cleaning nozzle is attached to the bottom of the, on which a terry cloth is attached to the Velcro. The fabric can be pre-moistened, and to keep it wet, instead of the usual dust collector, you need to install the special container included in the package. Water is poured into the container tank.

ILIFE V7s Plus Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has four cleaning modes

Automatic mode until the battery is almost completely discharged, while the robot moves in a straight line from an obstacle to an obstacle, randomly changing direction after a collision, follows along the walls for some time.

In manual cleaning mode, the direction of movement of the robot is set using the buttons on the remote control. If you first start the robot for cleaning in automatic mode, then the robot rotates in place by a fixed angle when you press the left and right arrows on the remote control, but removes and continues to move straight after releasing the button.

For intensive cleaning of a certain place, you need to transfer the robot there or direct it to the desired place in the manual control mode, and then press the button with the sight icon on the remote control. Another cleaning option is to move along walls and obstacles. It is possible to schedule a cleaning in automatic mode for a specific time. ILIFE V7s Plus Smart Robotic Vacuum Cleaner has a lithium-ion battery. The battery pack is composed of four cylindrical elements.