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Houzetek W1 Glass-cleaning Robotic Window Cleaner

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Houzetek Robot is a glass-cleaning robot with an vacuum motor that can stick to the surface of the window. An embedded UPS (Uninterrupted Power System) prevents the robot falling from the window, even with no electrical power. Moreover, two special cleaning wheels are designed to traverse the window surface or even the wall. The easily replaceable microfiber cloths are used on both cleaning wheels. Simple, efficient, powerful.


No one likes to spend their time and get tired from cleaning windows, especially when it’s rainy time of the year and there’re a lot of dirty spots on all of the windows that is difficult to remove. Houzetek W1 Window Cleaning Robot will help you with this problem! The cleaning is easy and durable with included 12 mops of the product. The glass-cleaning robot robot has uninterruptible power system and safety rope which ensures the effective and harmless cleaning. You can use it on various smooth surfaces, not only on windows. Window cleaner has remote control and it can be used easily. It also has handheld use. Houzetek Window Cleaning Robot has different blue and red flashlights that lights up when the battery is low or full, normal cleaning mode and etc. Shop it now online and have a good rest!