Gocomma LD 627 Double Cyclone Filtration System 700W Handheld Electric Vacuum Cleaner

The rooms are cleaned more thoroughly with conical cyclone filtration. With one button all the dust is removed easily.

Last price update: 2019-09-19 21:19:05

It’s easier now to clean your home with Gocomma LD 627 Double Cyclone Filtration Handheld Electric Vacuum Cleaner. Convenient one-hand use and light weight allows you to save your energy. Flexible interface can be adjusted according to the environment. Strong and power-saving Gocomma Vacuum Cleaner works with low consumption and doesn’t waste additional energy.

Low-noise design of the vacuum cleaner allows your family to deal with their work or sleep without interruption, while you getting the home clear. You don’t need to change consumables of LD-627 cleaner, as filter can be easily washed, dried and used again. Shop it now through online shopping and clean your home without any pressure with durable product!

Product weight 1.8000 kg
Package weight 2.5000 kg
Package Contents 1 x Vacuum Cleaner, 1 x High-grade Brush, 1 x Aluminum Alloy Telescopic Tube, 1 x Flat Mouth Brush, 1 x Dusting Brush, 1 x English Manual