Xiaomi Eco Smartmi Touch Screen Control Smart Electric Heater

Overheating protection system cuts off the power automatically when it realizes that cavity temperature is more than 95 celsius.

Last price update: 2019-09-14 12:11:13


Who love cozy and warm environments! Smartmi Smart Electric Heater is Xiaomi’s Ecosystem product that will create this environment for you! Heater doesn’t create airflow in the room and works quietly, nearly with no noise which helps you to sleep comfortably. X type heat sink helps thermal cycling. You can use it even in bathroom because it can prevent water splashing thanks to IPx4 protection level, so it won’t be damaged.

The black touch screen makes electric heater easier to control. It has three light levels: at night mode dim light helps to prevent light wastage; during the day the light is bright and data on screen is clearly visible. Smartmi heater also shows the level of humidity. The product is available worldwide, so shop the smart home heater it now online for the best price!

Product weight 6.4000 kg
Package weight 7.0000 kg
Package Contents 1 x Electric Heater, 1 x Chinese Instruction