Digoo DG-FR100 Weather Forecast Smart Wireless Alarm Clock With FM Radio

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FM radio: bulit-in fm radio ( 87.0mhz-108.0mhz ) radio, radio sleep time ; function: indoor temperature & humidity ( °c/°f), weather forecast gadget, dual-alarm clock ( clock wake up and radio wake up) & warm snooze function bulit-in calendar, real time display in 12/24 format

Digoo dg-fr100 smartset wireless full color digital alarm clock with fm radio clodk ; size 140mm x 52mm x 140mm ; muti-functional colorful screen fm radio clock with large screen display ; weather forecast: sunny, partly sunny. partly cloudy, cloudy, rainy ; low power indicator ; language: 8 languages: English, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Denmark, Russian. ; temperature & humidity: temperature range : 0°c ~ 50°c & humidity range : 20% ~ 90%

Global Brands Online Digoo DG-FR100 SmartSet Wireless Digital Alarm Clock Weather Forecast Sleep with FM Radio Clock

== hola 2018, dg-fr100==== our first fm radio clock == == sweet, careful, helpful == branddigoomodeldigoo dg-fr100 smartset wireless full colordigital alarm clock with fm radio ...

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