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Digoo DG-DP01 320ml Infrared Sensor Foam Soap Dispenser Auto Hand Sanitizer

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Digoo DG-DP01 320ml Automatic Foam Soap Dispenser Hand Washing Machine Intelligent IPX4 Infrared Sensor Touchless Liquid Foam Hand Sanitizers Washer.

Please place the unit on a flat level surface without water covering; Please use the liquid soap which contains low concentration of alcohol; Please turn off the unit first when you need to move it ; Do Not flush the unit with the strong running water nor immerse the bottom of unit in the water, which may damage battery compartment5, Do Not exposure the unit under direct the sun or strong light, which may interfere IR sensor system; If you won’t use the dispenser for an extended period of time, please empty the container, clean it with dry soft towel and remove the batteries, store it in a dry place

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featuring a built-in infrared motion sensor, this soap dispenser detects the hand instantly and responds within 0.25 seconds to dispense the soap; NO NEED TO touch the pump with ...

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