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Deerma DEM LD610 6L Air Humidifier Household Ultrasonic Diffuser Aromatherapy Humificador

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Abandoning the bulky base design, the bottom is replaced with a solid metal bracket to support the entire humidifier body, so that the large-capacity body is kept light; The novel double water supply design solves the problem of adding water to the floor humidifier.



The capacity of 6L can be humidified for about 21 hours. Adding water once can humidify for two days, avoiding the trouble of frequent water addition; Ultrasonic vibration atomizes the water into a fine mist of 1 – 5um. The light water mist spreads into the air and is not easy to wet the floor and furniture. Combined with floating dust can reduce dust and clean air. The height of the fuselage 595mm is just right, you can put the table to humidify, can also humidify on the ground, no longer limited to one location; The water valve assembly is designed to be pulled out. When the water valve is pulled out on the side, the water valve assembly can be directly added with water, or the water can be directly erected from the water inlet; The differential pressure flows through the mist tube, and the water mist is quickly spread.

Specification: Deerma DEM LD610 6L Air Humidifier Household Ultrasonic Diffuser Aromatherapy Humificador

Product weight (kg)


Package weight (kg)


Product Size(L x W x H)

18.00 x 21.00 x 59.50 cm, 7.09 x 8.27 x 23.43 inches

Package Size(L x W x H)

22.00 x 25.00 x 65.00 cm, 8.66 x 9.84 x 25.59 inches

Package Contents

1 x Humidifier


– The humidifier operates only 35dB and is quiet.
– The humidifier base is equipped with an aromatherapy box, which is dripped into the aromatherapy box to bring the mist to the air with a fragrance.
– 280ml/h* comfortable fogging, the air pumped away from the air to make up for you
– 300° wide-band stepless knob for smooth rotation and smart adjustment
– Automatic power off due to lack of water, safely humidify to dawn
– Transparent water gauge on the machine side for easy observation of the water volume in the tank.
– Dust-proof sponge at the air inlet to intercept dust and other pollutants
– ABS body, durable and difficult to scratch
– Parameter:
– Power: 25W
– Machine size: 180*210*595mm
– Voltage: 220V~50Hz
– Capacity: 6L
– Material: ABS
– Amount of tooth: 280mL
– Product gross weight: 2.08kg
– Type: sterilization type, purification type
– Water addition method: ordinary water
– Applicable scene: home, office, mother and baby
– Product net weight: 1.5kg
– Applicable area: 21m2-30m2
– Noise: 36dB
– notes:
– Make sure the water tank is filled with water before use.
– Do not touch any part of the product with wet hands.
– Place the humidifier on a flat floor or other flat platform.
– Add water vertically, it is recommended to stop adding water from the inlet 1cm; add water on the side, it is recommended to install to 85% stop adding water.
– Packing List:machine, manual (with warranty card)
– Double water floor humidifier