Smart App Control Cecotec Conga Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Cecotec Conga 3090 Robot Vacuum Cleaner is one of the functional ones, as it combines 4 functions within 1 product. Sweep, mop, scrub and vacuum whole surface with it!

Last price update: 2019-09-09 22:41:26

Robots are the most efficient vacuum cleaners comparing to other ones. Cecotec Conga 3090 Robot Vacuum Cleaner has 10 cleaning modes. Equipped with intelligent navigation technology and laser sensor, cleaner’s activities are more efficient and can complete 360o recognition. It maps your home and sets the route before it starts cleaning. You can see this map in the APP. With this APP for smartphones you can plan the weekly cleaning routine and use it as a remote control. You can block the areas you don’t want the robot to clean. Clean the carpets with the Turbo Clean Carpet mode. Buy the robot with unlimited cleaning technology for the best price now and enjoy the clean environment!