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Atongm Portable Live-ozone Air Purifier Mini USB Air Sterilization Deodorizer

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Loskii USB live-ozone refrigerator purifier helps you remove the undesirable odor, pesticide residues, reduce the level of bacteria. Dampproof design structure protect ozone moto core components against moisture so as to prolong the lifespan of air purifier.


Sterilize and deodorize food and vegetables fresh keeping. Sterilization and Clearance of pesticide residues. Bacterial inactivation rate after one hour intelligent circulation within enclosed space achieves 95.47%. Moisture-proof design structure, sustained release no need to replace consumables. Ultra-long standby time with 4400mAH Li-ion battery. It makes food fresh-keeping so you do not need to clean the refrigerator and take all the foods out every week which saves your time to clean it and avoid the food going bad. Suitable for wardrobes, shoe closets, cabinets, preservation box, travelling cases, briefcase, etc.