Shocking News – Samsung S6 Explodes During Flight

In 2016, Samsung had a lot of problems to deal with. The reputation of the brand has been discredited by the Note 7 scandal. Unfortunately, yesterday the quality and safety of Samsung smartphones was put into question again. According to, during the China Airlines flight from Palau to Taiwan, Galaxy S6 smartphone of one of the passengers exploded.

The smoke that appeared from the phone completely shocked other passengers. Luckily, the airplane crew quickly took appropriate actions and isolated in the bucket of ice water. Having found out that it was Samsung Galaxy S6, China Airlines informed Civil Aviation Authority that it will prohibit taking this smartphone model on board of their airplanes.

As we all know, earlier this year, Galaxy Note 7 was a subject of heavy criticism because phones were also suddenly catching fire and exploding. Many airline companies put a ban on these phones as well. Eventually, Samsung had to cancel the production of Note 7.

Nevertheless, the problem is still vital with other Samsung smartphones. There were no announcements from the company yet but it is likely to commence an investigation of this accident. In any case, this mishap won’t good for Samsung’s reputation. The sales of the company have already fallen strongly and now they could decrease even lower. Besides, it may positively affect the sales of other companies, Samsung competitors, like Apple, Huawei or ZTE.