Adjustable High Temperature High-pressure Steam Cleaner

Steam is the new buzzword in regards to cleaning your house. You should steam clean your carpeting one time a year, at least. In fact, there is not much or no steam involved as a main cleaning material. The hot steam together with the agitation would clean together with sanitize the surface.

There are various sorts of steam cleaners to pick from and based on the sort of floors you’re cleaning will determine which one is going to do the job best. A house steam cleaner may also wash the grout between the tiles. Before it is possible to pick out the very best steam cleaner for your house, you want to comprehend what exactly a steam cleaner machine is and the role that every feature plays.

High-pressure Steam Cleaner

Shengtai STXQ-03B high-pressure steam cleaner is a good home appliance that can make your house clean in mere seconds. The device is not so big, therefore, it is quite easy to use it. Moreover, this household washing machine has a 2600W power, thus, it will be an effective device to clean away all the dirt. The boiler capacity is 0.5 Liters which makes this tool great for long cleaning. The steam flow is 150ml per minute.

This is a lot, so the high-temperature cleaner will remove even old stains. Finally, it is important to note that due to the adjustable temperature feature, the cleaner can clean cautiously fragile items but be stronger for robust things. Therefore, you will always feel comfortable. Steam cleaner is ideal for kitchen and bathroom tiles. In fact, the steam is quite hot, allowing for removal of grease and grime and other kinds of dirt from assorted surfaces. Ensure that your house is always shiny with this high temperature efficient steam cleaner.


    • Power: 2600W
    • Steam pressure: 0.5MPA
    • Size: 310*260*120cm
    • Voltage: 220V
    • Boiler capacity: 0.5L
    • Thermostat operating temperature: 180 C
    • Fuse operating temperature: 240 C
    • Rated water storage: 0.5L
    • Steam flow: 150ML/MIN
    • Steam temperature: 110

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