Eyedea Developed a Selfie Drone, Which Follows You

In the recent years drones popularity sky rocked due to the fact that now everyone can make great, high quality cinematic shots without hiring a whole crew of professionals. All you needed is someone to operate the drone and it will capture whatever you will it. However, what if you don’t have someone to operate the drone for you?

Recently the company Eyedea developed a selfie drone, which follows you and captures you in action. Its flight time lasts up to 15 minutes, it is very little but considering how small this drone is, measures 170mm or 6.7 inches and weighs 200g or 7oz, the performance is quite impressive.
It is heavily relied on the app that comes with it, so if your phone is at a low battery the drone won’t fly to prevent from loosing it. And when the battery is running low on it, it will send notifications to your phone to notify you.

Selfie Drone, Which Follows You, tech news

This selfie drone is not just a drone; it can easily turn into an action camera, a security camera and a selfie camera. As a drone it has two modes, a follow me mode and a flying mode, it circles around you or you may control it through its app that it comes with. Turning into an action camera it can do burst shots, shoot 60fps slow motion, time lapse and live streaming. And as a security camera you may check up on it through the app that it comes with. For more information you may check out their project on kickstarter.