Self-Restoring Smartphone Display – The Futures of Phones

Modern smartphones become more powerful, get more advanced cameras and more features but the same flaws remain the same. One of them is fragility. It’s enough to drop your smartphone once to smash the screen. Motorola tried to solve this problem by presenting Moto ShatterShield unbreakable screen technology two years ago with Moto X Force. Smartphones with such displays are really difficult to break but they are still prone to scratches. Now, Motorola has found an even more interesting solution to the problem.

The new Motorola patent describes the technology of self-restoring displays. In the past, we’ve already seen something similar in LG smartphones but it wasn’t on back covers. The idea involves the use of a transparent plastic or glass polymer, called smart glass. When a crack appears on this glass, the user receives a notification. After that, he can begin the recovery process.

Recovery happens due to the heating of the polymer by the smartphone itself. At this time, the device can’t be used. The owner can independently indicate the area where the damage is located and where the heat needs to be applied to. At the same time, the patent states that not every crack can be corrected in this way. For example, if a piece of glass is broken off, then it can’t be put back.

At the moment this is only a patent, and there are no guarantees that the company will use this technology in real devices.