YESHM Self-Powered LCD Display Personal Smart Body Scale

There are so many personal and smart scales on the market nowadays, that it is practically very difficult to tell one apart from another. Still, we have found one that is rather outstanding – so, today we review YESHM Self-Powered LCD display Personal Smart Body Scale.

To begin with, YESHM scales belong to the affordable price class (though many brands sell smart scales for the same money), and mimic the design of most bioimpedanse scales, combining white and silver tones. They also have a common high definition LCD screen.

Though, the main peculiarity of this scales is their eco-friendly construction. As the manufacturer describes, automatic power generation control and battery-free technology make the scales more environment-friendly and energy saving. It is explained that just 1 quick stamping on the power button by your feet will bring you power for weighting.

YESHM YHB1710 Self-powered Personal Scale

The scales are equipped with a high precision strain gauge sensor system that is precise with weight estimation. And that is really cool – you basically don’t have to care about buying new batteries and worrying about chemical leakage, and, what’s even more, about keeping the used up batteries and bringing them to the recycle station. If you think deeper and are really into eco zero waste life, this way you even lessen the demand for batteries, potentially impacting their production. The manufacturer explains, that since U-power is self-powered, there’s no day-to-day carbon footprint from it.

The scales are made from ABS and tempered glass, which are sturdy and a little too cold to step on in the morning – but that’s resistible. Data output is intuitively understandable, and the scales have both Ibs and Kgs. Their max weight is 150 kg.

By and large, YESHM personal scales are definitely your choice, if responsibility towards the environment is on the first place on the checklist. In addition to that you will get a beautiful design and several years of work. Otherwise, if you are on a budget and looking for some really basic device, there are cheaper analogues on the market.