Self-Flying Drone for Home Security

When setting up a home security system, people use all kinds of gadgets. But what about a personal flying guardian for your house? This will become possible with Aire – a new drone and a perfect assistant for your life.

Aire combines all features of a functional security system: a surveillance camera, motion detection and noise sensors. The drone can constantly monitor the apartment while providing you with a look via its camera even if you’re away. All you need is a smartphone and an app.

The biggest advantage of Aire is its mobility. Usually, In order to cover the entire apartment, you need to install several cameras in each room. Aire replaces all of them – it can look into any room and also helps check on pets, kids or the elderly.

The drone uses a secure protocol to communicate with the owner’s smartphone, so hackers can’t break into remotely. Although the drone is middle-sized, it can manoeuvre in the air well without hitting obstacles or people. Plus, its propellers are covered with special plugs making it harmless to children and animals. Also, the creators of Aire assure that their drone works quieter compared to other devices.

Aire has been recently launched on Kickstarter and already raised the necessary amount of money. Now, it’s available for pre-order for $750.