See Through Wall Using Wi-Fi

Wi-Fi is a pretty advanced wireless network and it can overcome almost all obstacles on its way. This principle gave German scientists an interesting idea – why not use Wi-Fi to look behind walls? The research started out as a regular student project but it’s a full-blown investigation.

The technology is based on analysing and registering shapes that electromagnetic waves take when moving around certain objects. Basically, scientists used Wi-Fi transmitter as radar in one room, and when the waves enter another room, the antennas start collecting data. As a result, a special algorithm “reconstructs” the holographic scheme of the neighbouring room.

Right now, the technology isn’t perfect yet. Of course, it will be hard to recognise small objects but it’s quite easy to spot a person or a pet. The method, described in the research, is able to provide visualization at a frequency of 10 times per second and recreate the internal structure of the whole building in a large-scale simulation.

The information about the project was published in Physical Review of Letters.