Sana Sleep Mask Functional Gadget that Fights Insomnia

Many people suffer from the lack of sleep or insomnia. Usually, it’s caused by everyday stress or different diseases. In these moments, it would be nice to actually have something that could help fall asleep in just a few minutes. Most people use special night lights or listen to music but there’s a more efficient way. You may be surprised but insomnia can be cured with a sleep mask.

Functional Gadget

Only this isn’t just a sleep mask. This creation of the company Sana Health is called Sana Sleep Mask and it’s a very convenient way to fall asleep faster and really functional gadget. This gadget doesn’t just cover the user’s eyes. The mask is able to make a person fall asleep in 10 minutes. The secret of this gadget lies in its functionality. Sana Sleep Mask creates audio-visual brain stimulation starting a special reaction which leads to full relaxation and falling asleep. Apart from that, the mask can assess the state of your excitatory system and collects different data about the user. Based on this data, the gadget customizes the stimulation to achieve the best results.

Sana Sleep Mask has been successfully tested on airplane pilots and athletes. Obviously, this gadget would suit other people as well. Anyone who suffers from lack of sleep might benefit from this gadget. Sana Sleep Mask will be available in stores in 2018 for $400.

Infographic source and list of natural sleep aids.