Samsung Working on New VR Headset Featuring Virtual And Augmented Reality

Samsung is currently working on two new devices, featuring virtual and augmented reality. The first one will be a virtual reality headset replacing Gear VR. But the second one is much more interesting – this headset will be based on mixed reality technology when 3D-objects are displayed as holograms, just like in Microsoft Hololens.

There’s no information about the release date or specs of the new replacement for Gear VR. But the other headset is likely to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress fair in the end of February. According to the Samsung vice president Sung-Hoon Hong, the company is designing a “light field engine” for creating realistic holograms. The working principle will be similar to Microsoft Hololens.

Hong added that mixed reality is much more promising than virtual reality in terms of business development. The AR-headset could be released in cooperation with another company. Gear VR, for instance, was developed in partnership with Oculus. Besides, earlier Samsung planned to make a smartphone supporting Google Dream VR platform.

As we can see, all tech giants are realizing the potential of mixed reality. So it won’t be surprising if we hear something similar about Apple soon.