Samsung Won’t Give Up on Note Line-Up

In 2011, when Samsung released the first Galaxy Note, the company killed two birds with one stone. Firstly, many customers were very pleased with the device given that it had a 5.3-inch display, 8 MP camera and Exynos 4 processor. Secondly, Galaxy Note basically created a new niche on the market – phablets. At first, people were dubious about this but the advantages of such devices turned out to be quite obvious.

Unfortunately, the popularity of this line-up was literally destroyed by the Note 7 fiasco. Samsung admitted that there were some construction flaws in this device and promised to safe-prove their products more efficiently. After that, everyone thought that it was the end for the legendary line-up. Thankfully, it isn’t.

The website referenced Dong-Jin Koh, the President of the Mobile Communications Business at Samsung. After he had said that new company’s flagship smartphone Galaxy S8 wouldn’t be appearing at MWC 2017, he added that the world may see a new Note phablet. The thorough investigation of the Note 7 incident, said Dong-Jin Koh, assured the company that this line-up still had some loyal customers. Therefore, Samsung won’t stop working on Note 8.

Obviously, in this case, everything will be done with maximum precautions and according to all safety standards. Samsung can’t afford to make another mistake. The company already announced the new 8-point battery safety check test in order to guarantee reliability of all devices.