Samsung Will Make Smartphone Case with E-Ink Display

Usually, when Samsung presents their new flagship smartphones, the company accompanies them with a bunch of various mobile accessories, for example, protective cases. This is most certainly going to happen during the upcoming presentation of Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 Plus. These smartphones will be presented in April and Samsung will add a few accessories including a very interesting one.

Smartphone Case with E-Ink Display

It will be a new-generation Flip Cover smartphone case, fitted with an E-Ink display. This information came from a patent that appeared on the Internet. The E-Ink display on the top of the case is the main thing about it. It’s a very cool innovation for the Flip Cover smartphone case line-up. Previous versions had one thing in common – they all didn’t cover the smartphone screen completely, so that users could see date, time or other information. But now, this job will be done by the E-Ink display. It will show smartphone notifications and other necessary information. Another advantage of the E-Ink technology is its low battery consuming. So, using this case won’t cause a smartphone to lose too much charge.

In any case, this may be a peculiar advancement in the world of mobile accessories. Earlier, Samsung used to unveil Flip Cover smartphone cases along with their flagman devices, so we expect this E-Ink case to be launched just after Galaxy S8.