Samsung Will Make Galaxy S8 Explosion-Free

Guys at Samsung Electronics decided not to rely on their own employees anymore and diversify the production of Galaxy S8 smartphone. According to Wall Street Journal, the Korean company has already concluded an agreement with Sony about shipments of battery blocks for their upcoming flagman and started assembling the first commercial batch.

Wall Street Journal is referencing a few company’s representatives who are familiar with the situation. Apparently, Samsung won’t hand the whole responsibility to Sony, leaving the Japanese company with a small batch of batteries. The rest will be made by the Chinese company Amperex in cooperation with Samsung SDI, a subsidiary of Samsung Electronics.

All these measures have been taken to prevent any malfunctions in the new Galaxy S8. Earlier, Samsung published a report where the details of Galaxy Note 7 scandal were revealed. The explosions, the report says, were caused by irregular-sized batteries and some mistakes made by assemblers. This, obviously, was a warning for Samsung. From now on, the company will do everything to ensure safety of their new devices. That’s why we can expect great things from Galaxy S8.