Samsung Will Make a Totally Frameless Smartphone

Today, there are lot of smartphones which claim to be frameless. In reality, they all aren’t entirely frameless and we still haven’t seen the right one. But this is all about to change – Samsung filed a new patent describing a completely frameless smartphone.

The document says that more and more prefer larger gadgets, so the company is considering making a device with front side occupied entirely by the screen. To do this, Samsung needs to solve a number of issues, like the antenna location, without affecting the signal quality.

Frameless Smartphone

Judging by the presented images, Samsung will continue using displays with curved edges. Moreover, the company can start “curving” the screens not only on the sides, but also on the top and bottom. One of the images shows that Samsung is actually thinking about a screen that will roll to the rear side as well. As an example, there is a picture of an incoming call being displayed on a small part of the back screen. This can be helpful when the smartphone lies the table screen down.

Totally Frameless Smartphone

Another issue for Samsung is the placement of standard components on the front side. One of the options is building the camera under the screen – it won’t be visible when not used, but when needed, the area will become transparent.

Via: Androidheadlines