Samsung vs Apple, Smartphone Market Trend

Despite all difficulties in 2016, Samsung still managed to maintain high positions on the mobile device market. According to Strategy Analytics, the Korean company shipped 308.5 million smartphones and phablets which made it the leader among all other companies. Obviously, the second position was taken by Apple with their 215.5 million iPhones. Apart from that, Samsung also patented more inventions than Apple in 2016.

Still, the Cupertino company has a tangible advantage on the mobile device market. The amount of shipped devices is only one indicator among many other important ones. For example, Apple dominates the market in terms of total revenue – $44.9 bill. And that is, by the way, an 80% market share. Such high figures can be explained by the iPhone high average price and high profitability.

As for Samsung, the company had $8.3 bill. income in 2016 (14.6%). The numbers were obviously hugely affected by the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco. In terms of operating revenue, Apple is also in the front – 32.4% against 11.6%.

The third and fourth places on the shipments rating went to Chinese companies: Huawei and Xiaomi. In short, we see the same brands on the list and there are no signs that the situation will change in the nearest future.