Samsung Made a TV that Looks like a Painting

Samsung announced an international launch of a very unusual TV called Frame TV. At first, the model was presented in Switzerland and Norway and then it will go to other countries, such as the USA, Germany, France, etc. Most importantly, the presentations of Frame TV in every country will be held in museums highlighting the fact that this TV is a true piece of art.

Samsung Made a TV like a Painting

The line-up includes two TVs: 55 inches and 65 inches. Both models support the best 4K Ultra HD. Frame TV is described as an “interior panel” because it really is combination of art and technology. Frame TV is basically a digital painting with a huge screen. When turned off, users are offered around a hundred of different pictures including beautiful sceneries, architecture, wildlife, and so on. Apart from that, users can upload their own pictures, so Frame TV can become a photo library.

New Samsung TV

That’s why this TV would be a real catch for art enthusiasts. Frame TV blends into an interior very well – it has a Samsung No-Gap mount and “invisible” connecting cable to make it seem like a real painting.

So far, there are no details about the release or the price. Still, it’s safe to say that Frame TV will find its audience among people who can appreciate good art.