Samsung Galaxy X – Foldable Smartphone with 2 Displays

In 2018 Samsung plans to release a foldable smartphone with two displays. The device has a code name Galaxy X and Samsung fans people are excited to see what it looks like. Samsung keeps the information about the smartphone in secret, so it’s still not clear what shape it will have.

On one hand, there are a few images from patents on the Internet that seem to be very interesting. According to the images, Samsung Galaxy X will be a long device that folds horizontally. On the other hand, the screenshots of the interface say the opposite. Galaxy X will fold like a laptop or recently introduced ZTE Axon M. For example, it can be used as a regular phone, and, if necessary, turned into a tablet.

Samsung Galaxy X

One thing is certain – Samsung Galaxy X will be designed to work in any orientation – vertical and horizontal. It means that users will be able to work simultaneously with two applications or expand one to two screens, for example, to watch video or games.

According to rumors, Samsung Galaxy X should be presented already at CES 2018 in early January. It will be released in a limited edition of 100 thousand pieces, so it will cost quite a lot.