Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review: The Ultimate Wearable For Active People

In a world where our gadgets can be as powerful as a laptop, as personal as a phone, and as capable as a tablet, it’s hard to imagine what else we need. The answer is the perfect wearable.

The best wearable is one that tracks your steps throughout the day, monitors your heart rate and your sleep quality, and reminds you of your next appointment. It’s also one that looks good on you and is durable for all-day use. This is why the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the perfect wearable for active people. Here, are some features of this device that make it one of the best wearables on the market today.

Meet the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

One of the first things you’ll notice about the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is its red color option. This makes it a must for red-blooded geeks. This also makes it a smart watch for our active lifestyle, as well. The Galaxy Watch is made with military grade level durability, and comes in three variants: 40mm, 42mm, and a 46mm size in small.

The 42mm size is perfect for those who are concerned about their weight and want to keep a lightweight watch on their wrist, but want something that looks good. Another benefit of the 42mm size is that it’s a perfect fit for many. Not everyone’s wrist is going to accommodate a 46mm watch on their wrist. But some people may even consider this size small.

Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 Review

The Best Features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4

These are some of the features of the Samsung Galaxy Watch that will please the most active people, especially runners, cyclists and swimmers.

Pre-installed Spotify app – This is what you do with the Samsung Galaxy Watch when it comes to active people. You can get your favorite playlist from Spotify to run with. Since the app works on a mobile device, you can always keep up to date with the current playlists, and sync your playlist to your Galaxy Watch 4 to run with. That’s convenient if you want to run with your favorite playlist or download new ones.

Waterproofing – What else can you ask for when you are going to workout with water? You have waterproofing to guarantee that you can workout under any condition.

Why the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the Perfect Wearable for Active People

If you want to track your steps throughout the day, then the Samsung Galaxy Watch 4 is the device for you. The cleverly designed circular display displays each of your daily steps. You can customize your steps by being more specific or just saying “done.” Or, if you prefer, you can program your steps for each of the four hours you will spend exercising that day. For example, if you decide to get up and go for a walk before breakfast, set the steps goal for the four-hour period. The numbers on the watch are super easy to see and understand. All you have to do is swipe up from the middle to see your steps. Tap to change your step goal.


The Samsung Galaxy Watch is a smartwatch that can do a lot. While it’s a traditional Samsung smartwatch at its core, it can also be used as a fitness tracker, watch with e-SIM, music player, work assistant, alarm clock, and Bluetooth headphones.