Samsung Galaxy Display Is Considered the Best on the Market

Every year Samsung demonstrates the achievements in making mobile displays for their smartphones and tablets. This year, Galaxy S8 raised the standard pretty high for all the competitors. The best proof for that is the evaluation by a renowned website DisplayMate which named the new Infinity displays of Galaxy S8 and S8 Plus the best on the whole smartphone market and gave it the highest A+ grade. By the way, this “title” went to Samsung last year as well.

The results weren’t given without a reason. Actually, DisplayMate ran several laboratory investigations. According to their results, the display of Samsung Galaxy S8 was considered the best in the following categories:

  • Native colour gamut – the largest with 113% DCI-P3 and 142% sRGB
  • Peak brightness – the highest with 1020 nits
  • Screen reflectance – the lowest with 4.5%
  • Contrast in ambient light – the highest rating with 227

Apart from that, specialists at DisplayMate rated highly colour rendition and saturation, resolution and screen modes, like Adaptive Display, AMOLED Cinema or AMOLED Photo. A more through and detailed information is available DisplayMate.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Display