Scandal Around Samsung Galaxy NOTE 7

The news about Samsung Galaxy Note 7 catching fire and exploding terrified the world. However, a lot of people still use the potentially dangerous smartphone devices despite the fact that it can actually be a serious threat to users’ health and life.

Numerous photos of burned and destroyed phablets from Samsung Smartphone still appear on the Internet. In the beginning it caused quite a scandal. Manufacturers took the responsibility and promised to substitute dangerous Note 7 with a new and improved version. Unfortunately, that didn’t help at all, the Note 7 kept catching fire. Eventually, Samsung withdrew the production of their phablets.

Consider potential danger of the device, many airline companies prohibited to carry the Note 7 on board of the airplane otherwise you might get a serious fine. Despite these risks, there are many users who still have a Galaxy Note 7 and refuse to get rid of it. Perhaps, only a global ban on carrying these devices could make them think about their own health. For our part, we advise the consumers to be careful