Samsung May Become The Most Successful – Financial Predictions

After a rather unsuccessful 2016, Samsung is looking for more optimistic news in the coming year. And actually, 2017 may bring more positive news to the company. According to Bloomberg, Samsung Electronices published a report where the company makes a financial forecast for the first quarter of 2017. This forecast is very promising – Q1 may become the most successful one for Samsung in last years. Such conclusion came from facts: the company is having a constant operating income increase. It became possible due to the rising semi-conductor and middle-end smartphone manufacturing.

Samsung analysts expect a 50% increase, compared to last year figures. Despite the Galaxy Note 7 fiasco, a timely shift in priorities, made by the company, allowed it to become one of leading suppliers of microprocessors and flash drives. As a result, the Samsung’s corporate margin will reach $8 billion, while incomes from mobile electronics sales will stay at the same level – approximately $44 billion.

Other analysts, like the ones from IBK Securities, state that Samsung managed to establish itself as a reliable electronics manufacturer despite all scandals in 2016. The experts also add that all financial losses, caused by Galaxy Note 7, will be made up for as soon as Galaxy S8 is released.