SafeShoot – Gadget for Safe Hunting Is Available to Buy

It’s not a secret that every activity that involves firearms is risky. The question of gun control is controversial for many countries, especially when it comes to civilians. But even in specialized fields, guns have to be used with proper caution. One of the biggest threats here is friendly fire. In all these situations, whether it’s a military combat or a simple hunting trip, a person is constantly stressed. In this scenario, one false move, one incautious mistake can be fatal. That’s why any measure preventing that is worth a lot of attention.
In fact, earlier we wrote about an incredible device for all people who are in some way involved with guns. The gadget is called SafeShoot and it’s a hi-tech solution to assist in preventing friendly fire. Now, the gadget is finally here and available for pre-order, so it’s time to remind everyone why SafeShoot is so revolutionary.
The secret to its uniqueness is quite simple – SafeShoot is extremely portable and it uses an intricate technology system to save lives. The gadget can be attached to any kind of weapon making your trips much safer. Plus, it weighs only 6.1oz, so it won’t cause any inconveniences.
SafeShoot Gadget for Safe Hunting

In order to accomplish all goals, SafeShoot engineers created a technology called sensor fusion. The algorithm is based on 3 elements: MEMS sensors, GPS and RF communications. Together, they create a dynamic wireless network which connects all SafeShoot devices. As a result, if you point your gun in a direction of another SafeShoot owner, you’ll be immediately alerted (red light and/or an audio alert). That way, all hunting party participants can avoid friendly fire and stay safe.
Another big advantage of SafeShoot is its ability to withstand all nature complications. No matter the weather, whether it’s snowing or raining, day or night, SafeShoot will work flawlessly. Its sensor fusion system doesn’t need line of sight, it sees through all obstacles within a 900 yard range. Besides, your trips may take a long time, so SafeShoot is equipped with low-energy sensors and LEDs to make the battery work longer.
What’s more, SafeShoot comes with a few options. Hunters have their own kind of device which is called Shooter. But there is another model for dogs called the Dog Defender. The Dog Defender unit    comes with a harness available in 4 different sizes. Therefore, you hunting party can include as many members as you want and each member can have their own SafeShoot device.
SafeShoot Gadget for Safe Hunting to buy
But let’s not forget that hunters aren’t the only ones who carry firearms and can potentially hurt other people. That’s where we can see more applications for SafeShoot – it can serve as a life-saver on battlefields and in special tactical operations. In fact, the creators of the SafeShoot have a rich military background, so their experience is highly essential here. Therefore, the SafeShoot system can become very widespread in the future where all firearms will be equipped with it.
The good news is that SafeShoot is available for pre-order. On the website, you can submit the corresponding form and reserve a device for you. Plus, there is a special pre-order discount – 25% off your entire order including an additional $25 discount from each device if you order more than one. That’s why SafeShoot is a must-have product for hunters, soldiers and law enforcement officers who care about safety.