Safe Tire 6 Hours Riding Electric Unicycle Balance Car

Finding a Unicycle Balance Scooter with 1800W and a maximum of 40 km/h speed to be more than enough for the large power hungry rider is not difficult nowadays. If what you’re searching for is an exceptional and portable electric scooter, that is simple to use and safe to ride then you need to look at INMOTION V10 Electric Unicycle. The Balance Unicycle that’s coated with a lightweight aluminum frame, also has very safe tire that offer you a smooth ride on a difficult surface. the Balance Unicycle is a lightweight, portable, reliable, durable and secure Electric Balance Unicycle car, that could help you accomplish your destination in time.

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INMOTION Electric Balance Unicycle Car is an elegant way to move around which came right from the future. The device is equipped with a large capacity battery of 8500 mAH which only needs to be charged for 5-6 hours. The battery would approximately last 100 km. During the ride you can also listen to your favorite music to enjoy the ride even more. The maximum weight it can handle is 120 kg.

You can control the speed and mode of riding with voice commands as the device supports intelligent voice Bluetooth system. Shiny safety lights ensure that you are safe. With this device you can go on long distance trips, it will never let you down as it will precisely identify your moves and commands. So, even in the city you will feel comfortable. Riding Fosjoas self-balancing unicycles isn’t only a great sport, but in addition a social activity.

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    • aluminum alloy + rubber
    • Input voltage: 100 – 240V
    • Bearing weight: 120kg
    • Battery 8500mAh, 36V
    • 1800W power


Safe Tire Electric Unicycle Balance Car

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