Rugged & Portable Power Battery for Laptops – Saber Romeo OTG Charger

Power banks are quite useful for smartphones and tablets but what about laptops. On the go, it’s not easy to find a power outlet to charge a laptop, so a portable accessory would be quite helpful. The problem will be solved with a new accessory called Saber by the company Romeo Power. In fact, this is the first ever mass product from Romeo Power.

Saber is a relatively small battery in the size and shape of a water bottle. It’s obviously bigger than a normal power bank but it would definitely fit in a traveller’s backpack. The accessory weighs around 600g and comes with approximately 23000mAh of power (86 watt-hours). As a result, Saber can charge a laptop up to 2 times. Besides, it easily handles other mobile devices (smartphones, tablets, music players, etc.), DSLR batteries and even drones.

Portable Battery for Laptops

Saber is fitted with a USB-C port and two regular ports for different devices. In addition, the battery itself recharges in only two hours. And because it’s a travelling accessory, it suits well for unexpected situations – Saber is dust and water-proof as well as shock-absorbent due to its rugged structure.

Finally, the smart battery comes with a smartphone app which shows users, how much charge is left on the battery, and sends a notification when charging is done. Saber is currently available on Amazon.