Rubyroid Labs: What It Takes To Be the Best Out There

Due to the high quality of software products and applied solutions, modern approaches to development, attention to details and 6 years of experience, Rubyroid Labs has earned leadership in the custom software development market. Nowadays, Rubyroid Labs is a leading Ruby on Rails development company in Eastern Europe. The company’s software products and projects are successfully used by many happy users all over the world. The huge number of positive reviews and recommendations of their customers, as well as the overwhelming numbers of repeated requests from them, are telling.

Practical experience

Over 6 years of working in the field of software development, Rubyroid Labs took part in more than 59 projects as an independent contractor or as a part of customer’s business unit. This allowed them to gain experience in various sectors of business, to test multiple technologies and approaches to the development, and to learn different cooperation schemes (outsourcing, on-site development, near-shoring). The experience of launching their own software products allowed them to better understand the problems that await new projects on the road to success.

Flexible requirements

Changing requirements while working on a product is a natural process. Frequent releases and an iterative approach to software development give customers the opportunity to receive quick feedback, easily and timely change their initial plans. The development process in the company is designed to facilitate the painless introduction of changes to a product under development at all stages of its implementation.

Use of advanced approaches to CRM development

To ensure the consistently high-quality of software, Rubyroid Labs base their processes on the principles of Ruby on Rails. Such a technology is the basis of project management. The company is constantly working to improve the software development process. CRM development and creating custom software become an easy trip in such a world.