New FlexPhone Wrist-Wrapping Smartphone

The idea of flexible smartphones isn’t new at all. Many companies, for example, Samsung, are working on such devices and already have a few patents with foldable smartphones. Unfortunately, none of them has been released yet. However, the industry has advanced a lot in the last few years and there is some optimistic news.

The recent development in this area was a presentation from the company Royole which specializes in foldable OLED display technologies. This company unveiled a smartphone, called FlexPhone. The device can be used for two different purposes. In a rigid state, it serves as a regular smartphone running on Android. It actually has 3G connectivity and is compatible for a SIM card. Basically, it’s a simple phone for simple tasks like making calls, sending text messages and a bit of Internet browsing.

Royole Wrist-Wrapping Smartphone

But it’s also flexible, which means that it can be wrapped around a wrist and used as a wearable. In this mode, FlexPhone serves as a great fitness tracker. It’s very light (100g) and thin (5mm), which makes it a comfortable device for everyday carrying. FlexPhone has all features of a fitness tracker – it counts steps, measures heart rate, calories burned and distance travelled.

In any case, Royole FlexPhone isn’t going to be released very soon as there’s still no information about its commercial version.