Smart Home that Powers Everything Wirelessly

The engineers from Disney, famous for their cartoons and movies, occasionally surprise customers with technological advancements. There is a special department for that called Disney Research. And its latest invention is especially notable – the researchers built a special room which is filled with charging power without the need for any wires or wall sockets. The results were published in the magazine PLOS.

This wireless concept is based on quasi-static cavity resonance principle. It allows generating magnetic field from any household objects to transmit power to all devices inside the room. This concept-room was built with that in mind: it is surrounded with metal walls and has a copper pole in the middle. All of this fills the whole room with a magnetic field. It is completely harmless but powers every electric device put into the room.

Powers Everything Wirelessly

If Disney manages to put this technology in production, it could a revolution in charging. Imagine a situation when a person comes into the room and all his mobile devices start charging without any cables. What’s more, this room can also transport power to appliances that require it constantly to wok, like a TV set, a PC or iMac.

In any case, we can say that wireless charging is becoming a new technological trend. Even the upcoming iPhone 8 is rumoured to support this technology.