Best Selling Roku 4 Video Streaming Media Player

Today, cable or satellite television isn’t as popular as before. Instead, we see a lot of video streaming services, like Netflix, Hulu or Amazon Prime, become much more widespread. These services offer huge selections of TV shows, movies and even games. But what if you had a video streaming device that could show both regular TV channels and your favourite show on Netflix? Yes, meet Roku 4 video streamer.

Roku 4 Video Streaming Media Player is one of the best selling compact TV Box gadgets, designed especially for great viewing experience. All you need to do is connect the player to your TV with a cable (HDMI is recommended) or wirelessly, via Wi-Fi. Roku 4 is a considerable improvement to the second edition of this video streamer line-up because it’s powered by a dual-core Broadcom chipset meaning that menu navigation became as fast as lightning.

Roku 3 Video Streamer Review

Roku 4 Video Streaming Media Player TV Box

Speaking of channels, there are a lot of them. After creating your own account, you get access to more than 1000 channels or services with various content. Here, you’ll be able to turn on a news programme or enjoy a new episode of a brand-new show on Netflix. Of course, if you have a prepaid account. Moreover, Roku 3 can be used for streaming music (from Spotify, Vevo, and so on) and playing games. How does it work, you may ask? The remote control is fitted with a motion sensor that lets you control the action. Another useful feature is voice search – it allows you to choose anything you want with a simple voice command.

We mentioned an included remote control but that’s not the only thing that comes in a set. Aside from connecting cables, there is a pair of headphones. If you insert them into the headphone jack on the remote, your TV automatically goes mute and you can enjoy Private Listening. And obviously, Roku 3 comes with an accompanying smartphone app. Basically, it does the same tasks as the remote just with a smartphone.

In short, Roku 3 is a pretty nice video streamer with a broad channel selection and a couple more perks. So, if you’d like to save some money on cable bills and get more content, this is a device for you.

Roku 3 Video Streamer