Cool Smart Sports Gadget – Robotic Tennis Ball Collector

All the tennis players out there know how annoying it is to pick up fifty plus balls after each round of practice. Everytime you use up all the balls you must keep on picking them up to continue practicing. At one point you will almost feel reluctant to use the balls because you have spent all this time collecting them from all over the court. If only you had something that can help you collect the balls.

Tennibot Robotic Tennis Ball Collector is really cool and smart gadget, and it’s what every serious tennis player needs. This wonderful piece of technology will go around the court and collect the balls for you while you rest and hydrate.

Tennis Ball Collector

Like many other news outlets said, Tennibot is pretty much a Roomba but for tennis. It lets you set the range for it to clean up and does it in 1.4MPH speed. Aside for collecting balls it is also extremely easy to carry around, just pop it up and it will roll with you wherever you go.

Tennibot is essentially a must have if you are a tennis player. It saves you time, so instead of picking up balls you will be using that time to practice. Tennibot Robotic Tennis Ball Collector currently is available on Kickstarter. Just visit the page to read more about this helpful sports device.