Robot Police Car Invented in Singapore

A start-up Otsaw Digital introduced an autonomous robot designed for patrolling the streets and equipped with a drone. The robot car, called O-R3, is comparable in size to a golf cart and looks very much like a smart car. The robot weighs 80 kg, and its equipment includes a lidar, GPS and cameras capable of recognizing people, various objects and obstacles.

O-R3’s built-in software makes it possible to distinguish ordinary people (for example, company’s employees) from law breakers. When the robot finds one, the drone raises automatically from the special compartment. This drone will track the location of the suspect, while being at the distance of 100 meters from the O-R3. Data collected by the robot go to a single centre whose operators can monitor patrols and take control over them if necessary.

The price of the robot hasn’t been mentioned but the company’s customers will be able to rent it for 10 thousand dollars a month. It is also reported that Otsaw Digital is working on a simpler and more compact version of a robot designed for patrolling premises and this one is likely to be cheaper.