Stunning Audio Rich Bass Xeneo X21 Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker

When it has to do with portable speakers, there are a number of diverse models to pick from. Xeneo X21 Portable Outdoor Wireless speaker is a great addition to a picnic or a fun outdoor activity. The waterproof device has a lot of functions that will keep you entertained even if there is no WiFi or 4G. The portable speaker has a built-in FM radio you can listen to but also you can download your favorite music to an SD card. As a result, you do not need to be online to listen to something.

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However, if you actually have internet and you connect the device to your smartphone you can be sure that the speaker will deliver best sound quality possible due to 2 speakers and fast transmission. On top of that, this device was specifically designed to be used in extreme conditions so it can stand damages and water.

Finally, with a special jack, you will be able to connect the device with wires. It will save charge or connect it to older gadgets that do not have Bluetooth. During your trip, a portable speaker is going to be your good fellow. Xeneo X21 Portable Outdoor Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is nice and dependable.

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Xeneo X21 Portable Outdoor Bluetooth Speaker
Waterproof, FM radio, Micro SD card Slot, AUX